Instructions for
Commissioner's Cup Referees




Dear Referee,

Thank you for agreeing to officiate in the Middlesex League's Commissioner's Cup!  Your participation in this event ensures that the players that come to our tournament will have a fair, safe, and most importantly FUN experience.  Your contribution to this tournament is an important one, and it is vital that as referees you hold yourselves to the highest professional standards possible.  Below are a few notes for your reference:

Directions/Parking: The tournament will be held at the Joyce Middle School in Woburn. Please refer to the Middlesex League web site for maps.  If you require additional instructions, please e-mail us at

Parking is available at the Fields

Arrival Time: The registration tent will be the area where referees will check in, and it will also serve as the rest area for referees between games.  Please arrive at the tent at least 60 minutes prior to your scheduled kick-off time.

Player Uniforms: Players should be checked in by the tournament staff so you shouldn't have to perform this procedure out on the field.  Remember....keep the games moving.  Please try to keep the players looking like soccer players by asking them to have their shirts tucked in at all times, socks pulled up, and shirt sleeves rolled down.  Please, however, do not be overly officious about this.

Referee Dress and Appearance: Referees should be in proper uniform at all times while officiating matches and should reflect the highest standard of the USSF and MYSL. 

The standard uniform for USSF referees is the gold w/black pin stripes, black shorts , black socks with 3 stripes at the top, black cleats/turf shoes, and the current year's referee patch.   Alternate uniforms are either the Black w/white pin stripes, Red w/black pin stripes, Blue w/black pin stripes or Green w/black Pin Stripes.

Shorts should be plain black with only a manufacturer's logo and (optional) USSF  crest. Shorts should end 3-7 inches above the knee. Longer Basketball shorts are not acceptable.

No other uniforms are acceptable at the tournament. Referees who are not properly attired will not be used and will be sent home to change.

 If you do not have any of these uniforms please click here for ordering information.  Please obtain the proper uniform if you wish to officiate in the Commissioner's Cup.

Game Balls: A game ball will be provided by the home team.  Please remember that the ball is your responsibility, and must be returned to the home team following the game.  If the ball becomes unplayable or lost, please select another from either team.

Game Cards: A game card will be provided for each game.  Please print the appropriate information on the card and return it as soon as your game is over.  It is vital that game cards are returned as soon as your game is over.  This is the official record of the game, and it is also how you are paid.  When recording the score on the card, please do not use hash marks!

Spectator Areas: Spectators will be on the opposite side of the field from the teams.  This is an important control mechanism for you, and is better for the players.  Please enforce this strictly.

Food and Drink: The tournament will provide food and drink for the referees.  Please remember.....if it's hot STAY HYDRATED.  The worst thing we can have out there is a dehydrated referee.  It's unsafe for you and it hurts the game.

Tournament Rules: Please click here to see the tournament rules for anything not covered above.















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